Hold On, Pain Ends

This speaks to me, and I hope that it does to anyone else who is struggling.
It’s so important that it’s worth repeating: Hold On, Pain Ends.

In the depths of illness and despair it can be impossible to believe this – I haven’t had hope for myself for a long time, but my heart desperately aches with tentative and what feels like foolish hope that this statement is true even for me.

Just to prove a point… (unfortunately)

Ironically, being aware of your own vulnerabilities, weak points and quirks when it comes to mental illness doesn’t stop you from falling foul to them. Earlier, one of the things I mentioned in passing/as a small part of my post on suicidality, I mentioned how my brain latches onto the smallest negative or potentially negative… Continue reading Just to prove a point… (unfortunately)

Be Brave

Trying to persuade myself as much as I am you, here.

I believe you can do it, though. I know you’ve got the bravery within you – yes, you – to battle through whatever is troubling you. I know there is hope for you. Please keep fighting. Please know there’s help and support here for you if you need it.

Love, Molly xxx

Though Hope is Frail, It’s Hard to Kill

I hope it’s true because my hope (for myself) is very frail indeed.

Anyway, I thought it was an excellent message for anyone struggling, so did a very quick painting that I hope you’ll like/find helpful.

Love, always, Molly xx

Trapped in a bubble of quiet sadness, Visual Journal 25/03/2016

Today I woke up trapped in a bubble of quiet sadness, feeling crushed beneath my emotions and thoughts, and quite fed up of it all.

I’m feeling drained, weak and confused – unsettled by my fuzzy thoughts and lack of memory. But, more than anything, sad.

Never Overlook the Magic Behind Each and Every Person’s Eyes

I think, when it comes to mental illness, it’s easy for many (the general public, mental health services, even family and friends) to see the diagnosis or label above and beyond, or even instead of, the real person. I painted this yesterday and like it as a little visual reminder that there’s colour, magic, spark, humour, fun, emotions, love, and so much more in each and every one of us – whether we are unwell or not. Illness is only ever one small part of a human , don’t forget that.

To the person who has been personally attacking me, on my most vulnerable posts

Luckily, WordPress is clever enough that your comments will no longer even be visible to me. This morning you asked me to seriously think about my motives behind sharing my thoughts, feelings and innermost struggles: now, I ask you to seriously think about your motives behind personally attacking someone who is clearly unwell and vulnerable,… Continue reading To the person who has been personally attacking me, on my most vulnerable posts

Sorry for being an annoying, pathetic slug :|

One of those nights when I feel useless, worthless, hopeless, sad and achingly consumed with despair. At the end of my tether (again) and beating myself up for it. This fight is hard, too hard, and I don’t think I’m strong or brave enough to keep going much longer. I feel like I’m a drain… Continue reading Sorry for being an annoying, pathetic slug 😐