Escapism through photography

This afternoon, the Crisis Team manager is coming round to take me out with my camera (I’m so lucky!), so I dug out a few of my favourite photos to show her (just ones accessible from phone so only low quality and a random selection). Kinda proud since all were taken right in the depths of me being unwell, so thought I’d share…


I’ve not been able to motivate myself to get my camera out recently, which is why this lovely lady is coming round to take me out and try to reignite that spark because photography can be amazing escapism. Macro photography in particular renders you completely unable to focus on anything but the task at hand, even if just for those few minutes that you frame and take the photo.

I’m terrified that I’ll just freeze and not be able to do anything but I want to give it a go; I trust this lady implicitly and her passion is infectious, so fingers crossed!


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