To the person who has been personally attacking me, on my most vulnerable posts

Luckily, WordPress is clever enough that your comments will no longer even be visible to me. This morning you asked me to seriously think about my motives behind sharing my thoughts, feelings and innermost struggles: now, I ask you to seriously think about your motives behind personally attacking someone who is clearly unwell and vulnerable, making accusations for which you have no evidence, spending time to make nasty and targeted comments on their most vulnerable posts. I also ask you to consider why you think it is appropriate to use an illness as an insult – yes, I have a personality disorder – no, you cannot use that to infer that I am evil or a criminal. It’s ignorance like that which is why I will continue to be open and honest; this kind of stigma cannot be allowed to continue.

I share so much of myself, my worries, my struggles, my insecurities, my thoughts, and my feelings because I want to show a full and unedited picture of what it means to be mentally unwell. I do this to help people feel less alone, to help people to understand, to reduce stigma, to reduce shame. I’m proud to say that I’ve received so much feedback that says that I’m accomplishing these aims – even if me sharing these painful experiences makes life just a tiny bit easier or less scary and isolated for one person for just one tiny part of one day then this is worth it; it’s even worth seeing vile and intentionally hurtful comments. This blog and The Doodle Chronicles isn’t for me, so no matter what personal attacks I receive, I won’t be stopping. Although, at least I know this person’s comments will no longer even be visible.

Sorry to the 99.99% of people seeing this who are wonderful – normal Doodle Chronicles service will resume after this post. 🙂



5 thoughts on “To the person who has been personally attacking me, on my most vulnerable posts

  1. Your courage and determination far outshine these undeserving, callous comments.
    Lots of supportive hugs and love being sent your way, lovely. xxx


  2. Dear Molly you must know that by sharing your feelings in such a way is a massive support to others suffering so please give yourself huge credit for that and to any one who is judgemental and critical karma will get you -you are small and scared and insecure whereas Molly is big and brave – a lioness caring for others an empathetic human being – Go Molly

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