Though Hope is Frail, It’s Hard to Kill


I watched ‘The Prince of Egypt’ today (I know, the wrong religious figure for this holiday, but never mind!) and these lyrics stuck out to me.
I hope it’s true because my hope (for myself) is very frail indeed.

Anyway, I thought it was an excellent message for anyone struggling, so did a very quick painting that I hope you’ll like/find helpful.

Love, always, Molly xx


One thought on “Though Hope is Frail, It’s Hard to Kill

  1. So in times when all your hope is gone
    And you go through life afraid
    In your heart there lies a hopeful song
    That is there to guide the way
    And all the hurt and all the pain
    You soon will learn was not in vain
    For all your prayers, they will be heard
    They’ll come to pass through faith

    There can be miracles
    When you believe
    Though hope is frail
    It’s hard to kill
    Who knows what miracles
    You can achieve
    When you believe
    Now you will
    You will when you believe


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