Bravery with a Kitten

Many of you will know that I’ve got a gorgeous Ragdoll kitten called Hope. We’ve been meaning to take her for her vaccinations for a while (she’s a house cat but we like to be safe), but I’ve been too unwell and didn’t like to think of my mum taking her without me. Well, today I was brave and took her to the vet (with my mum to handle the technicalities/talking/grown up stuff). She was a little angel, but was very glad of my presence to run to, nuzzle in to, and be protected from the scariness – I was glad to be able to be there for her and immensely proud of the both of us. I’ve barely left the house in months and this was a big thing that’s been hanging over me – I was a total wreck by the time we got back and have been bowled over with anxiety all evening, but I got through it. Thank goodness for mums to help you with the grown up bits when things are too hard, though!

Hope says: “We beens brave today. We can do anyfink together and will always end the day with sleepy purrs.” ❤



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