Can’t Human Today

Human-ing is a bit too hard today after my all-out use-every-last-piece-of-strength week trying to survive my birthday and see lots of the amazing people I’m lucky enough to have in my life.

To recuperate, I’m trying to let Hope (kitten) teach me how to Cat instead…


…but my silly human brain is full of anxiety-provoking ‘but’s:

  • BUT I need to prepare a list of medium-term therapy aims for lovely psychologist by tomorrow (which I have actually already kinda done but my perfectionist brain feels my wishy washy attempt isn’t good enough/right)
  • BUT I need to work on thought-challenge worksheets for lovely crisis team manager by Wednesday
  • BUT I should just be able to cope
  • BUT I’m letting everyone down
  • BUT I should do something productive
  • BUT I’m being lazy
  • but but but but but but but

After all those ‘but’s I’m even less able to Human, distressed, anxious and sad so reverting back to initial plan of learning to Cat for now and loudly ‘shh’-ing my brain.

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