Photographic Escapism

Photography for me is the best form of escapism – when I can force myself to give it a go, any way. I find that it’s the only activity that manages to ‘suck me in’ however briefly and that you have to concentrate so intently, especially with macro (close up) photography, that it blocks out my thoughts better than anything (although, ironically, this need for concentration is what frequently stands in my way, as well!).
Today, for the first time in far too long, I managed to force myself out into my garden to take a few photos. My perfectionism (yet another thing that stops me bothering) is highly critical of the results, but I’m glad I tried, and at least the pictures are pretty. 🙂
I was a total mess after 45 minutes (shaking more than I ever have before – which is saying something!) but I’m proud of myself. It’s not been a good day, but at least I’ve tried.
I’ve just reactivated my Flickr account if anyone would like to connect on there:
I’d love to see some of your photos!
Molly xx

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