Approaching Stress

Something I find hard to approach is legitimate and significant stress/worries impacting my mental health. When anxiety is ‘clinical’, it doesn’t need ‘real’ stress or fear to drive it – however when these fears are present, and especially when they are linked to your mental health/care/well-being, the firey anxiety is only further fuelled and intensified.

So, today, my anxiety has been even further off the scales than usual because there are some important aspects of my care likely to change this week – and there are some significant spanners in the works already – so my mind is in overdrive trying to predict and solve all the problems, as well as catastrophising and imagining the worst.

What terrifies me the most is that this is going to knock me and my health back significantly when I’ve finally been making tiny tiptoes of progress. There’s nothing that can be done; it’s just been a series of unfortunate events (I must reread those books…) combined with an inadequate and easily overwhelmed Molly. Here’s hoping that that Molly doesn’t shrink back a few months and lose those eensy weensy bits of progress and hope.

Oh well. What will be, will be, whether or not I think things over infinity…I just need someone to get that message to my brain (preferably without the use of earworming songs!).

This is where my urge is to shrink away from all of it – from the world – becomes incredibly overpowering; this is where I normally give in.


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