Fence Painting in Progress

The other day I decided to paint our garden fence as a surprise for my mum. Paints were ordered and delivered, and I thought to myself ‘I’m never going to be able to do this…what on earth was I thinking’. But I feel a useless mess and I was determined to try to do something nice for my long-suffering mum, something to brighten her day. That day I managed to quickly paint the gate and she was delighted! Since I’ve made a little more progress, although there’s still a way to go. But I’m doing it. I’m trying, and I’m actually achieving, however slowly.

It’s a good focus, distraction and constructive use of the short bursts of time I manage to spend doing it.

And it’s starting to look kind of pretty…


*whispers* Don’t tell anyone, but…I’m kinda proud of myself!

My message from this is that the strangest things can turn in to therapeutic activities. The smallest things can make you feel a little less useless. No matter how deep and dark the pit you’re in, please try to find that ‘something’ that keeps you going for even one more day, however strange or small. We all have worth and use, we just need to remove judgement and inhibitions, and give anything (that isn’t illegal or causes harm!) a go. Even if that is simply painting a garden fence.


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