Take Time to Compliment Someone

Today, after a nightmare morning and afternoon, I finally managed to drag some clothes on and paint a bit more of my garden fence. I can’t begin to describe what a struggle it was to get myself up there and, I’ll be honest, I look a mess today so was self-conscious on top of everything else…

It then came as a big surprise to have someone tap me on my shoulder…I looked round tentatively, expecting to be asked for directions, criticised, shamed, or to receive a complaint about the mess I felt I was making while painting.

Quite to the contrast of my pessimistic and self-critical expectations, the nice man said that he’d moved in a few doors down from me recently and that he just wanted to say what a nice job I was making of the fence, that he and his family had noticed and had been talking about how pretty it was last night. He also thanked me for brightening the street up! 🙂

I only managed 10 minutes of painting today, but I’m incredibly glad that I made the effort. Those few minutes that that kind man took to stop and say something nice to me instilled some pride where there had only been self-hatred.

So, please, take the time to voice your appreciation and pay someone a compliment this week – it could mean much more than you’d ever guess.


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