The cost of anxiety

Jen in socks

It is ‘normal’ (who even knows what normal is, nowadays?) to experience anxiety sometimes. An obvious example of this is when a person is in danger. The body uses symptoms of anxiety, such as super-fast heartbeat, shortness of breath, chest tightness and shaking to provoke a ‘fight or flight’ response to the dangerous thing.
But I’m not talking about that anxiety. I’m talking about Anxiety with a capital A. I’m talking about Anxiety Disorders. And that type of anxiety is, quite simply, a bitch – intense, and, at times, debilitating.

Everyday activities should not provoke anxiety. However, here are some things that make me anxious:

using public transport
walking outside
people looking at me
shops in general
being late
being early
using the telephone
having to make conversation

…and it’s not just ‘listable’ things that make me anxious. I can wake up anxious, or be in the middle of doing something when anxiety…

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