What’s your why?

Thought provoking and poignant; I love this excellent exercise and think it would have an excellent value for those fighting mental health problems, especially those struggling with suicidal ideation and hopelessness. Having a ‘why’ does indeed go some way to making pain easier to bear.

My ‘Why’ is to help those struggling with their mental health in any way that I can, with a unique insider’s perspective, shared experience and a pure motivation for changing the system for the better. I’m writing that down now, to remind me when the psychological pain feels too much, when I want to stop fighting, when I want to give up on life.

What’s your ‘why’?


Psychology Class 101 We live in a world that rewards frivolous behaviour with fame and fortune, so it is no wonder that some students expect their motivation to come from the outside, in the same w…

Source: What’s your why?

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