Oh. Another diagnosis?

Oh. My psychologist thinks PTSD from horrific treatment/very nearly ‘complete’ suicide/CPR/’neurotic tirade’ of consultant/intense Trauma over the 6 month admission in another Trust. This is on top of everything else (Mixed Personality Disorder, Depression, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, suicidality), the very things I was in hospital for. šŸ˜¢

Now I have to have more assessments. She’s very concerned that the 6 months of anniversaries coming up is going to make me relive it all even more intensely than I already do (not sure how that’s possible!). She wants me to be around good people as much as possible for support.

I am a total wreck of a human.

Later upon layer of pain and distress.

PTSD specifically due to the behaviour of mental health professionals, making it even harder than usual to reach out/accept help.

Trapped in horrific, unbearable emotional pain.

No way forward.

No hope.


One thought on “Oh. Another diagnosis?

  1. Always hope always smiling always someone whom you can help always a way round always people who believe in you always a way to retrain your brain always sun even if it takes a while always some living being that needs you always will be and have been people who feel the same as you – YOU ARE NOT ALONE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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