Good News!

My care coordinator* will be back at work next week and will start seeing patients again from the following Wednesday! This is such amazing news. She has been the only thing anchoring me since she became my care co after I was discharged to this Trust following the PTSD-causing hellish admission in a different Trust. This really shows the importance of having strong therapeutic relationships when dealing with complex mental health issues – I have been amazingly lucky to form one with my care coordinator.

I don’t know how she won me over – I was determined to never speak to a mental health professional ever again – but, in doing so, she became the only professional I trusted to not hurt and betray me as had happened before. Without her, everything has felt unbearably risky; like the fear caused by accepting help/care/treatment wasn’t worth it; like I was going to have to give in. 

But she’s coming back!

*jumps about*
*collapses in relief*

I just have to make it through the next few weeks without disintegrating too much further.

Postscript: This is not to say anything against the wonderful people who have gone out of their way to help me in her absence.  It’s just my messed up brain and (as we’ve recently found out) complex problems likely caused by PTSD that she is somehow the only person exempt from.


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