12 Hours in PTSD

Thursday 19th May 11pm to Friday 20th May 11am *Trigger warning: suicide* Nightmare after nightmare after nightmare. I’m there, trapped, these people tearing me apart (mentally), intentionally hurting me, punishing me, being cruel to me – no escape- no end. FEAR. TERROR. CONFUSION. SELF-HATRED. PAIN. SHAME. PANIC. šŸ‘ˆthat, or šŸ‘‰ Nothing at all; numb; not… Continue reading 12 Hours in PTSD

An Achievement from One Hellish Day

Today has been horrific (I’ve started drafting a post on this but my frazzled brain has left it to finish tomorrow). However, despite the truly catastrophic state of my mental health, I managed to start painting another panel of our fence, which I’m quite proud of myself for – and it gave my wonderful mum… Continue reading An Achievement from One Hellish Day