Poorly × Police

​Life-threateningly poorly, call for medical help (and speak to lovely duty mental health worker over the phone, albeit from the wrong team because there was no answer from the crisis/emergency mental health team) but the only available solution was for the police to secretly be dispatched and make uninvited entry into my home. I admit the policeman was lovely but ill-equiped to treat me (obviously!) but also could not get hold of the required medical help for some time, so had to waste time sat with me not knowing what else to do. 

Subsequent emergency specialists then refuse to see/speak to me and say they’ll phone tomorrow because I was so distressed previously that I didn’t manage to talk to them very much (or ‘refused to engage’ in their lingo)! Because that’s the way that life-threatening physical illness is dealt with… 
Duty worker didn’t even think this was the way that life-threatening mental illness was dealt with in this situation. Maybe emergencies/lives only matter in mental health if the person finds it easy to talk or is violent?! Or maybe I’m right that I don’t deserve help and just waste everyone’s time?

And they wonder why I feel I have no hope and that crisis ‘support’ makes things worse in current circumstances. 


3 thoughts on “Poorly × Police

  1. You are worth the time and help. Unfortunately there is still ignorance towards mental illness which is why we blog about ours. I’ve not been taking seriously before as well, for 12 years I had BPD and yet it wasn’t diagnosed because I passed off as an attention seeker because I would talk about my problems. It’s not you it’s them, they think they know so much because the rest some books but I’m reality no one knows what having a mental illness is like until that actually get one. Keep fighting, we’ve got to stick together ❤xx


  2. When I called for help after my mum tried to kill herself with a knife it was the police that arrived, and yes while they were lovely and tried to calm two very ill people they weren’t the mental health professionals that we needed. They tried to get the crisis team to come out but they refused as they had “visited earlier and everything seemed fine.” People don’t understand how hard mental illness is to live with. Everyone living with mental health problems deserves all the help they need to get better, no matter how much that is, just as cancer patients often need several courses of treatment. You are strong, I believe in you.


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