Healing Humour

Earlier today, I accidentally paused the TV on a This Morning segment about Ann Summers when the Crisis Team knocked the door. (Isn’t that an opening sentence you never knew you were itching to read?!) We were writing my care plan and I suddenly spotted the apparently incriminating freeze-frame, instantly curling up in embarrassed laughter mid-sentence, pointing it out to the (luckily) great nurse, who jokingly added ‘Watch porn with nurses’ as a therapeutic activity.  

It’s safe to say that with all the giggling and bizarre tangent-taking it took a long time to finish the care plan!

It was just one element of an all-round very helpful, therapeutic visit from the crisis team, but the shared laughter made a difference. Humour is so overlooked when it comes to healthcare (mental or physical), however those laughs can be the only thing that shine a glimmer of light on an otherwise incredibly dark situation. Sprinkling in some humour is a well-practised coping mechanism of mine, reminding myself and others that there is still something to laugh about and still a bit of ‘me’ hidden by the dense darkness; when someone who is caring for me shares in that, it creates connection and works to humanise what can otherwise be dehumanising and scary experiences. 

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