Tonight’s Crisis Team Wisdom

​Tonight’s crisis team wisdom: “If you went for a walk, you’d come back a different person – you could volunteer in school next week!”
I’ve been housebound for 2 months. I haven’t gone out unaccompanied for 18 months. My risk level was raised to the very highest level with the Community Mental Health Team today with discussion of admission to a psychiatric ward. In January, I will be moving into a 24 hour staffed Therapeutic Community for intensive therapy, support, and management of my safety.
But one quick stroll, alone, at 11:30pm, when highly suicidal and I’ll be a completely healthy, fully functioning, responsible adult! 


3 thoughts on “Tonight’s Crisis Team Wisdom

  1. It’s crap beyond belief, isn’t it? Absolutely gobsmackingly unbelievable. They read from a script with no regard to us as individuals with our own unique stories and problems. I was just discharged by HTT on Sunday after nearly 6 weeks this time in their ‘care’ (haha that word, oh and my local MH Trust slogan – ‘improving lives’ ROFL!!) by one of the shite tick box, stupid, can’t be bothered to listen to you, I’m TELLING you – “YOU ARE SO MUCH BETTER NOW ” etc etc etc I’ve gone completely downhill since Sunday!!!!! There are a few excellent, honest, team members who truly engage at a human compassionate genuine connection level – the rest are sooooooo incompetent, stupid and couldn’t give a shit. I am more suicidal than ever now. Given up eating, insulin, anti-deps and all hope since Sun. Got nice whooshy head now which is kinda fun – combo of withdrawals and high blood sugars and no food fuel in body. I told them this at the post discharge check up appt yesterday, that I’d spent most of the night crashed out damp & drunk (I never normally drink) in the garden, and started self-harming again for the first time in months, but hey, the discharge and HTT ‘treatment’ was a total success – I AM SO MUCH BETTER….apparently. I am sorry you (and so many others) have to endure this facade of a service when you’re at your most vulnerable. I’m now under Day Treatment Team but guess what – I can’t access my so-called Support Worker.

    Apologies for being ‘me me me’ and moaning quite so much. It’s desperate isn’t it? I have lost all trust in ever having to be under HTT or ever going Inpatient again. They make me worse each time. What to do?

    Love and empathy to you xxx


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