How do you respond when we die by suicide?

'Personality Disorder' In The Bin

At PdintheBin we believe for many reasons that the diagnosis of personality disorder should be abolished. One reason is the harm the label causes by reducing the support and compassion available to people when they are experiencing suicidal feelings. NHS staff and other proffesionals can justify treating a ‘borderline’ experiencing suicidality differently to how they would respond to someone without that label with rationalisations such as ‘It’s all for attention – they won’t really kill themselves’ or ‘if they’re going to kill themselves nothing we do will make any difference’ or simply ‘it’s their choice’. When such attitudes are so ingrained that they inform responses even when a patient has died by suicide the possibility is reduced that any lessons will be learned.
So we call upon NHS mental health professionals to ask themselves how they would respond if their client, labelled with personality disorder, died by suicide and…

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