Because I have capacity

An interesting topic that has been being debated by the professionals involved in my care, too. I am very confused by it all!

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I’ve heard this phrase a lot recently in relation to myself. Mostly it seems to be used as a cop out to avoid admitting me to hospital, give me extra mental health support in a crisis or believe that I’m feeling suicidal. A psychiatrist once said that I can flip in and out of capacity and I think that’s about right. It’s actually quite frightening to be like that. To know that I can dissociate, lose awareness of time or where I am or what I’m doing.

Here’s what the Mental Capacity Act Code of Practice says in general terms

‘Whenever the term ‘a person who lacks capacity’ is used, it means a person who lacks capacity to make a particular decision or take a particular action for themselves at the time the decision or action needs to be taken.’

I’ve been threatened with the Act having taken an overdose…

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