When things go well – GP’s and Mental Health Care

Amazing! This is the sort of care we are striving for frim professionals in specialist mental health services, let alone from GPs. It is just such a horrible shame that this is needed because the specialist services aren’t playing their part.

Progress Not Perfection

This is a guest post submitted anonymously. The writer describes how her GP has been a key figure in supporting her as she battles an eating disorder:

My GP has saved my life. Countless times.

She has been there for me for almost two years now. Before her I had a mixed bag of GPs – some were good, others less so. I’ve had my fair share of naff GPs – GPs who haven’t had a clue what to do with a girl who feels unable to feed herself. GPs who have said really hurtful things to me, GPs who have missed really obvious signs, GPs who I went to with dodgy bloods as a direct effect of my eating disorder, and who tried to put me on the pill (nope, doesn’t make any sense to me, either!).

My current GP though, is brilliant.

She has seen me weekly ever…

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