Artful Achievement

Tonight, a lovely crisis nurse set me homework to draw a picture from one of the photos that I took with her manager on Friday. I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it. I’ve had an awful day; I’ve been pathetic; I haven’t functioned and I wasn’t sure I could manage anything even half as ambitious as that. 

But I looked through my Flickr, and I found a photo of a marmoset from a while back that drew me to it for some reason:

So, I decided to tweak her homework slightly and draw something resembling this older photo of mine. And, you know what? I managed it. It’s rough, it’s done hastily, there is plenty of ‘artistic licence’ (i.e. me not having a clue what I’m doing), and it didn’t look at all like I wanted it to; but I did a thing, with a tangible product, on a day when it looked like my only achievement might be filling an Olympic swimming pool with tears. 

It’s small, but it matters. Sometimes it’s hard for us to grasp on to these small victories or it can feel indulgent to acknowledge them, but each tiny achievement can make the world of difference. 

Oh, after all of that I suppose I should probably let you see what I’m going on about (don’t judge too harshly)…


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