The Little Green Man with the Red Boots

I love this idea – it’s something I’ve done in the past, too, in pebble form (see here: and in combined a larger clay version which I’ll try to dig out a picture of.

Ellen's OCD Blog

The little green man with the red boots. That voice inside your head that cunningly infects the way you think, insisting you miss that snack, skip that class and do that compulsion just one more time. Just. One. More. Time. JUST. ONE. MORE. TIME…

For a long time, I struggled to separate OCD, anorexia etc. from myself. This was particularly evident at the beginning of therapy, whereby OCD and I were pretty much one and the same. I couldn’t distinguish between the two. To me, my existence was purely just OCD and there wasn’t really anything else I could say about myself. It was one of my goals in therapy to discover the real me. Who was I underneath all the struggles? One of the ways in which my therapist and I tried to do this, was to personify my OCD (which over time just came to encompass all of the mental health issues I was trying to deal with). What we…

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