Liver Damage

Trigger Warning: Suicide 

I won’t go in to specific details (although elements – but not all – will be easily deduced) but on Friday I fully intended to take my own life and made a very serious attempt at doing so…just a week after my last attempt. 

After 3 days on a High Dependency Unit being heavily monitored and receiving treatment, I was told today that I have liver damage that doesn’t seem to be recovering.

However, I am incredibly fortunate to be being looked after by 2 amazing HCAs and a nurse who have spent hours with me tonight calming me from a hopeless sobbing mess (about how painful life is, about how I have destroyed my body, about how I am just not strong enough…the list goes on) into something much more passable as a human.
I LOVE wonderful NHS staff 


3 thoughts on “Liver Damage

  1. I hope you feel better. When are you moving into that progressive little house, or are you no longer eligible due to this attempt?


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