Suicide prevention

Another terribly sad situation of someone desperately needing help and it not being available. My heart aches every time I hear of stories like this. One person suffering this is too much; the sheer volume of people thst go through this is a national disgrace. Good friends and family are superheroes but shouldn’t be left to be the main support in life-threatening situations; this would never be the case with someone fighting for their life with physical illness.

I’m honoured that my thoughts and suggestions seem helpful.

Lay The Real Thing on Me

⚠️Trigger warning suicide attempts & recovery ⚠️

I’m ok by the way, this is about helping a friend.

You might want to read Molly’s blog post for reference.

I agree with all of these points. Someone in comments said that provision is poor. It’s not, it’s absolutely fucking shit. In this last week I have been involved with hospitals, psychologists, crisis teams and independent support workers. There’s no money there to cope with anything more complex, even then that’s very poor. I have spoken with members of the crisis team and been there when they came to visit my friend, who I’ve been supporting after multiple suicide attempts in the last few months. And the advice given, was to watch a movie and try to sleep. I have rung the team with my concerns, and they said there’s nothing they can do, but did schedule in an extra meeting. I…

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