A Heart breaking Loss in the Mental Health Community

Tonight I have mostly sat cuddling my copy of Dear Stranger, thankful that it allowed me to meet & collaborate with our lovely Claire Greaves, sad that such a beautiful soul as Claire’s has been lost to this world. Sad that the hope & zest for life she expressed there was stolen from her. Heartbroken.… Continue reading A Heart breaking Loss in the Mental Health Community

Re-training a Wonky Brain

An enormous barrier to recovery for me is a complete lack of self-compassion, self-kindness and self-esteem. This week I decided it was time to try to tackle this head-on and so am working my way through ‘The Compassionate Mind Workbook’ by Chris Irons and Elaine Beaumont. As well as working through the first 3 chapters,… Continue reading Re-training a Wonky Brain

Molly-level Insomnia

More tonight, please?!?! đŸ˜”

First time I’ve showed staff exactly what I mean when my response to “did you sleep well?” is “not really”…they wanted to know how I’m still upright this evening. Such is my life.

Small gestures can move mountains…

After the shittiest of days yesterday and the shittiest of weeks, my keyworker kept to our plan of pancakes this morning and it meant more than the world.


I think this is the first time I have ever allowed myself to feel this emotion FOR not AGAINST myself.

First time in nearly a quarter of a century.