Current state of my brain (Visual Journal)

8 thoughts on “Current state of my brain (Visual Journal)

  1. A scribble? Yuk Molly. Cue the please love me.

    Still here?.

    Theres no getting rid of you. Just play around with emergency services. Draining
    I’ll leave you to all your twitter lovies.


  2. Actually Nell English, too little too late. And if it was genuine, you wouldn’t have done it in the first place. As Molly’s mum, I see the impact her illness, a recognized disability, has on her every single day.. as a campaigner for mental health awareness, she blogs about it and has set up an amazing online support network for others, recognized by Mind and other mental health organisations. Your constant, negative abusive comments and interactions have been vile and are actually against the law as they are classed as a hate crime. Fortunately, Molly is very switched on and has been able to track you through your IP addresses. People like you make me sick and you have to understand that you cannot continue. It’s for that reason that this is being reported to the police. You will now realise the impact of your continual vile actions.

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