Getting Divorced + Moving House + Getting Married

I’m struggling to deal with the sadness and emotional pain ofmy upcoming move to a new placement. And I’m giving myself a hard time about that considering how much I’ve fought to get to this placement, knowing that it is what I need.

Then today came along a great analogy from one of the workers at my Trust’s Acute Community Unit:

3 of the most stressful things in life are moving house, getting married and getting divorced – and you’re essentially doing all 3 at once:

  • Getting divorced from your current, known and trusted care team
  • Moving to a brand new place, a hundred miles from anyone you know, living with lots of strangers under rules you don’t know about
  • Getting married at first site to your new placement

That would put anyone on edge, let alone someone who is already very unwell and struggles with change/relationships!

That analogy has really made me pause, I have to say…

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