So, I’ve been at my new placement a week. It kind of feels like forever in both good and bad ways…I’ve met some really lovely fellow patients who I enjoy spending time with and some nice staff who seem to genuinely care but it has also felt a little claustrophobic at times with some big changes to the bizarre time spent in limbo between placements at my mum’s. The hospital is quite a way out of area, so I’ve been really missing home, my family, my cats, and especially a special little boy who I’m desperate to see carry on growing up. But, I’m making these sacrifices for a very important reason.

And, to help, I’ve already managed to make my room like my own, which is lovely, although I went a bit OTT when ordering photos…

It’s obviously very early days still, and I’ve not started on the therapy program yet as I need to settle in and have a formulation from the lead therapist first, but for once I have some hope that maybe this is the right place for me to really work hard and make changes, maybe this is my time to work on and become Me. Just need to tackle each bit as it comes…It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster already and I’m sure that will continue.

At least at a week in I’ve already managed to get myself down to 30 minute obs and get some escorted leave with staff approved…

Small victories are the way forward. šŸ‘šŸ»

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