A Bit of My Leg Will Be In My Arm

**Trigger Warning: mention of self harm and medical treatment**

Today I found out that I need to have surgery to deal with some self harm that otherwise won’t heal. It’s one of those things that I know I have to deal with as potential repercussions of symptoms of my illness such as self harm- although it is a whole other beast when 8 days after the incident you learn the extent of the repercussions and how long they will be actively part of your life for…When things can have changed quite significantly (e.g. I have since started my new therapy program), mindsets might be totally different, when the implications are different, when people still look at you as being in the same place you were, when you’re stuck in that one moment rather than the many that came before or after….

Anyway, after all that nonsensical rambling, the thought that keeps popping to the front of my mind is that “A bit of my leg will be in my arm“. There are so many more important and serious things to think about, but apparently my head has settled here for the moment. 🤔

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