This blog is the uncensored thoughts of the creator of the Doodle Chronicles (an initiative using simple doodles to explore, explain and discuss mental illness) – posts, in fact, will generally come out of my own personal diary. These posts will likely discuss explicitly the struggles related to mental illness, and I want to add a particular warning that there may be mentions of self harm and suicidal ideation. I want to reassure anyone reading that I am receiving excellent, intensive professional help with all of these issues, so please don’t worry about me – but I do want you all to be aware of the stress, upset or triggers that mention of these things may provoke in yourself.

I’ve been writing my journal for a while now, but it struck me today that as part of my drive for honesty, no shame, and no stigma around mental illness that it would be helpful for me to share exactly what it is that’s going on with me. I hope that no-one finds this too upsetting. I may indeed password protect some posts – please request the password from me via my Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/doodlechronicles/) or Twitter (https://twitter.com/DoodleChronicle) accounts.

An extra warning: if I’m brave enough to post some of my journal entries verbatim, they are likely to make little sense, be jumping all over the place, and have little point other than to get the thoughts out of my head – but I hope I do find the bravery, to shine a light on how things are for those of us who suffer these intense periods of distress or confusion linked to mental illness.

Right, I’d better stop rambling and actually write a post…




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