Happy ‘Who-needs-a-penis,-anyway?! Day’ Fathers’ Day for a single mother.

I came up with a quirky way to celebrate my mum on this day:

A Bit of Monday Morning Silliness

I’m watching This Morning: Holly is ill so Rylan has been brought in last minute.  I’ve just had a call from my support worker to say my community psychiatric nurse is unwell, so support worker will come alone to planned double visit; I propose in future random low level celebs are dropped in to mental… Continue reading A Bit of Monday Morning Silliness

Sometimes you need something a little immature and light-hearted…

A light-hearted post if you need a bit of a smile this evening…. Part of my homework from an awesome crisis nurse who I have a great therapeutic relationship with was: 1) Google ‘Bristol Stool Chart’ 2) Google ‘Bristol Chocolate Chart’ 3) Giggle immaturely DO IT!*  This is also a great example of the part… Continue reading Sometimes you need something a little immature and light-hearted…

Peer Support Project – ‘Fight Song’

Over on my peer support group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/DoodleChroniclesPeerSupport/), we are working on a group project around Rachel Platten’s ‘Fight Song’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xo1VInw-SKc) at the moment. I’m hoping to create a video to go along with this anthem in order to tailor its already powerful message towards mental health. To do this, as well as my own drawings,… Continue reading Peer Support Project – ‘Fight Song’


Tonight’s word to focus on from an awesome crisis nurse is perhaps the hardest: Believe. 

Doodling Hope

Part of tonight’s homework from an awesome crisis nurse: Write and doodle around the word ‘Hope’, which I desperately need right now. I made a good go at it, no matter how little I believe it right now.

“Pleeeeeeaaaase let me help, mummy”

I was playing with some inks today, but Hope thought she could do a better job than me… 🙂



This gorgeous creature’s never-ending companionship, love and mischievous behaviour is so key in my drive to keep fighting.  Never underestimate the important therapeutic role of animals!

Doodling to Escape

I’m tring to keep up a ‘bright, colourful, positive’ sketchbook to bring a bit of light when I’m struggling to see through the darkness. Tonight, a fanciful unicorn: Click here for yesterday’s doodling.