When Getting Support Doesn’t Feel Safe

I had a therapy session today that I don’t know whether to describe as a good or bad: I had an awful time, explored some very painful things, discussed extreme hopelessness, cried non-stop (which I never do when people can see) and shook violently with fear but my psychologist was amazing. From the moment I… Continue reading When Getting Support Doesn’t Feel Safe

Oh. Another diagnosis?

Oh. My psychologist thinks PTSD from horrific treatment/very nearly ‘complete’ suicide/CPR/’neurotic tirade’ of consultant/intense Trauma over the 6 month admission in another Trust. This is on top of everything else (Mixed Personality Disorder, Depression, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, suicidality), the very things I was in hospital for. 😢 Now I have to have more assessments. She’s… Continue reading Oh. Another diagnosis?