“Please, tell me more about my own Goddamn experiences”

Well this really struck a chord; unfortunately I think it will with anyone suffering from mental illnesses, and especially those with the more stigmatized ones such as personality disorders. I genuinely couldn’t even begin to count the amount of times that mental health professionals, with confidence and certainty, tell me rather than ask me (AKA… Continue reading “Please, tell me more about my own Goddamn experiences”

Taking Responsibility for Recovery

I’ve been writing a piece about the term ‘taking responsibility’ for a while, with some great input from the Twitter mental health community, so I’ll leave that aside for the moment and get down to what’s going on with me right now.  I’ve been under the crisis team for almost 2 weeks now and we’re… Continue reading Taking Responsibility for Recovery

Healing Humour

Earlier today, I accidentally paused the TV on a This Morning segment about Ann Summers when the Crisis Team knocked the door. (Isn’t that an opening sentence you never knew you were itching to read?!) We were writing my care plan and I suddenly spotted the apparently incriminating freeze-frame, instantly curling up in embarrassed laughter… Continue reading Healing Humour

A Quick Word About Positive Mental Health Care

Lately I’ve been a bit moan, moan, moan.  Since Wednesday, I’ve received great care from those in the mental health teams supporting me and I keep trying to draft a post about just how well I’m being looked after but I don’t appear to have the mental capacity or even the words at the moment… Continue reading A Quick Word About Positive Mental Health Care