Re-training a Wonky Brain

An enormous barrier to recovery for me is a complete lack of self-compassion, self-kindness and self-esteem. This week I decided it was time to try to tackle this head-on and so am working my way through ‘The Compassionate Mind Workbook’ by Chris Irons and Elaine Beaumont. As well as working through the first 3 chapters,… Continue reading Re-training a Wonky Brain

The Day It All Went Wrong

Today is the first anniversary of me being admitted to that place. Not the easiest thing to cope with when just embarking on trauma therapy for the PTSD caused by the ‘intentionally cruel’ treatment I received from psychiatric professionals and subsequent serious suicide attempts during my 6 month admission there. Basically, my mind are body… Continue reading The Day It All Went Wrong

Doodling to Escape

I’m tring to keep up a ‘bright, colourful, positive’ sketchbook to bring a bit of light when I’m struggling to see through the darkness. Tonight, a fanciful unicorn: Click here for yesterday’s doodling.

Some Wisdom From Dumbledore

It turns out that several members of the crisis team share my love for Harry Potter, and the following is a quote we’ve been discussing for a while… It’s a nice bit of wisdom, and lends itself to a pretty piece of art. Thanks to the crisis team and Dumbledore (erm, J.K. Rowling…) for getting… Continue reading Some Wisdom From Dumbledore

Reasons to Keep Fighting

The past while has been particularly awful for me, due to a combination of unbearably intense emotional/mental distress and a complete lack of hope for things improving. I know why I want to (and should) keep fighting, it’s the how that I’m stuck on. But the one thing that I’m proud of myself for is… Continue reading Reasons to Keep Fighting