Forget All That You’re Not

These beautiful words were shared with me today and I just wanted to pass this important message on…

…I hope you can take them to heart and try to remember all that you ARE rather than what you’re not.

Safe Spaces

Recently I’ve been fortunate enough to have some help in creating a lovely little space of my own, full of things to comfort, encourage and soothe me.

This picture of this magical safe place and my beautiful healing kitten, Hope, sums it up nicely:


I think that finding or developing a safe space is a really valuable tool for everyone struggling with their mental health. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; it could even be as simple as a really soft blanket to wrap yourself in or somewhere where you can sit and mindfully listen to nature. It’s just about investing some time and thought in to being kind to yourself, developing a routine that encompasses this element of looking after yourself, and having one more thing to add to a crisis or safety plan.

I’d be really interested to hear about or see pictures of your ‘safe space’, or your thoughts on the topic!

Molly x

The World is Full of Surprises, Positive Art Journal

I’ve decided to start a positive art journal (focusing on good things, quotes that I like, nice things that happen etc.) alongside my usual visual journal which is a representation of my current thoughts and feelings, without agenda (and thus is generally more negative due to my poor mental health); this distinction between the two… Continue reading The World is Full of Surprises, Positive Art Journal

Free Positive Quote Colouring Sheets

I came across these free colouring in sheets that I thought some of you might like/find helpful. Colouring can be therapeutic, a way to calm anxiety, or a simple distraction. Worth having a go if you haven’t already – and these are nice and simple, with lovely messages! They’re from this site and there are… Continue reading Free Positive Quote Colouring Sheets