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The Power of Pride and Humour

Today has been a strange old day in my world. Mainly nothing ‘serious’…messing around with the staff at my placement, meeting with my care coordinators, talking to the mental health professionals here about things I’ve been working on, preparing to interview new staff with the senior recovery workers, watching Children in Need… However, a thread… Continue reading The Power of Pride and Humour

Now 2 Years on, Reflecting Again on “A Year On – Where Am I?”

Anniversaries are always really hard for me and take a massive toll on my mental health. Another year from the post below and 2 from the events discussed I feel more broken, more hopeless, guiltier, more self-hatred and more ashamed than ever. It still feels like it should have worked 2 years ago for the… Continue reading Now 2 Years on, Reflecting Again on “A Year On – Where Am I?”


“When will my reflection show who I am inside?” Sings Disney’s Mulan. In stark contrast to Mulan, I’m terrified that my reflection will start being truer to the ‘me’ that I’m frightened I really am. I’m scared that one day everyone will see the weak, selfish, pathetic, draining, hurtful, nuisance of a burden that I… Continue reading Reflection