“I’m Fine” – Art that shows the reality behind that phrase

I had my first session of art therapy for around 8 months today and was so glad to get back in to it. There’s a lot going on below the surface that I’m struggling to express at the moment and I feel like I was able to connect with that through paint.

The reality of looking and saying “I’m fine” when struggling with complex mental illness and acute crises.

A Year Ago Today

Trigger warning: discussion of suicide attempts and method A year ago today, I hung myself in intensive care, having already come very close to dying several days earlier. This week has been an horrific struggle, and I very nearly died 2 weeks ago as well. But today a recovery worker at my placement handed me… Continue reading A Year Ago Today

Heart-Aching Sadness

I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to adequately describe this feeling. This combination of sadness, fear, panic, despair plus something that I can’t put my finger on which pierces me to my core, making me certain that I can’t carry on. There is something horribly wrong with me, something scary, something bad enough that… Continue reading Heart-Aching Sadness

Fading Away

I feel like I’m fading away right now. Well, I’ve been fading away for a very long time, but there was a brief period recently where a tiny bit of my solidity and colour seemed to be coming back. But those tiny bits of progress seem to have eroded and the fading resumed this past… Continue reading Fading Away

Trapped in a bubble of quiet sadness, Visual Journal 25/03/2016

Today I woke up trapped in a bubble of quiet sadness, feeling crushed beneath my emotions and thoughts, and quite fed up of it all.

I’m feeling drained, weak and confused – unsettled by my fuzzy thoughts and lack of memory. But, more than anything, sad.

Sorry for being an annoying, pathetic slug :|

One of those nights when I feel useless, worthless, hopeless, sad and achingly consumed with despair. At the end of my tether (again) and beating myself up for it. This fight is hard, too hard, and I don’t think I’m strong or brave enough to keep going much longer. I feel like I’m a drain… Continue reading Sorry for being an annoying, pathetic slug đŸ˜