What’s your why?

Thought provoking and poignant; I love this excellent exercise and think it would have an excellent value for those fighting mental health problems, especially those struggling with suicidal ideation and hopelessness. Having a ‘why’ does indeed go some way to making pain easier to bear. My ‘Why’ is to help those struggling with their mental… Continue reading What’s your why?

Visible Small Achievements

I am really not functioning at the moment. I mean that to the Nth degree. Which means that getting and staying out of bed for more than 4 hours a day is an achievement…any of the normal functions have been unattainable. I’ve had to start from square one, back to actually writing down the smallest… Continue reading Visible Small Achievements

Can’t Human Today

Human-ing is a bit too hard today after my all-out use-every-last-piece-of-strength week trying to survive my birthday and see lots of the amazing people I’m lucky enough to have in my life. To recuperate, I’m trying to let Hope (kitten) teach me how to Cat instead… …but my silly human brain is full of anxiety-provoking… Continue reading Can’t Human Today