“I’m Fine” – Art that shows the reality behind that phrase

I had my first session of art therapy for around 8 months today and was so glad to get back in to it. There’s a lot going on below the surface that I’m struggling to express at the moment and I feel like I was able to connect with that through paint.

The reality of looking and saying “I’m fine” when struggling with complex mental illness and acute crises.

Just Bee

What my Occupational Therapist is trying to convince me to do

“I’m very relieved to know that you’re still alive”

Those were the words that my therapist greeted me with as I arrived at my session today. It may seem blunt, but such is my life and I appreciate her taking the bull by the horns and making that sentiment known to me (she knows full well that I believe myself to be a burden… Continue reading “I’m very relieved to know that you’re still alive”