Squashed (Visual Journal – Mental Illness)

Difficult Anniversaries with Mental Health Problems

TRIGGER WARNING: DISCUSSION OF SUICIDE ATTEMPTS Today is the second anniversary of the first time I tried to kill myself; a day that almost nobody knows about (most think my first attempt was the one that led to hospital admissions 6 weeks down the line). All the horror – in its many forms – both… Continue reading Difficult Anniversaries with Mental Health Problems

Trapped in a bubble of fear and panic

I’m absolutely consumed by my terror at the moment. Don’t know what to do about it. Don’t know where to turn. Don’t know what it’s OK to think and feel. 

Feeling very alone and very scared. 

Oh. Another diagnosis?

Oh. My psychologist thinks PTSD from horrific treatment/very nearly ‘complete’ suicide/CPR/’neurotic tirade’ of consultant/intense Trauma over the 6 month admission in another Trust. This is on top of everything else (Mixed Personality Disorder, Depression, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, suicidality), the very things I was in hospital for. 😢 Now I have to have more assessments. She’s… Continue reading Oh. Another diagnosis?